Friday, June 3, 2011

USB HDD not detected on windows 7 64bit Home Premium.

Phew .... At last my new USB pendrive and 1 TB USB HDD started working at last. Windows was complaining about "Driver not found" whenever I connected the disk to my laptop - no matter what I do - tried auto detecting, tried troubleshooting tool of windows, tried manual install using "Browse for driver software on your computer" as per the instruction of Seagate, but non worked. 

At last I saw a post regarding Vista on Windows Forum, - - The answer from GearFyre helped me at-last. Below is the quote from his post.

I found the USB device that was in error and right clicked it to get "update driver".
I chose to find the driver myself and had to browse to the c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usbstor.inf_xxxxxxxx directory before it would locate anything.

 Although I gave "c:\windows" when I tried installing the driver manually, windows didn't find the driver. But when I gave the full path to the "usbstor" as directed by GearFyre, it detected everything and installed the driver properly.

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  1. Yeah that's the biggest con of windows 7 that it doesn't support USB HDD.But thanks to you for providing its substitute to us.I found it really useful