Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CUPS : Adding Job Accounting Number for UTAX printer CD 1120

Here is a simple step that I used to get the Job Accounting information or PIN working with UTAX CD 1120 printer.
  • Download the driver for UTAZ CD 1120 printer from here
  • Unzip it to a folder in your home directory. 
  • Open the PPD file corresponding to your printer (In my case UTAX_TA_CD_1120_English.PPD) using a text editor for example 'vi' 
  • Search for the keyword "Accounting". You will reach a line similar to "*OpenUI *KMManagement/Job Accounting: PickOne"
  • Move your cursor three or four line below. Your cursor should be now at line reading
    • *KMManagement MG0000/0000: "(0000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"
  • Edit the line and replace 0000 to what ever your printer accounting ID is.
  • Once editing is done, save the file and close.
  • As a precaution restart the cups daemon. /etc/init.d/cups restart.
  • Now starting adding the printer, selecting the newly edited PPD as the driver.
  • Once the installation is over, option the printer configuration gui and select Job Settings.
  • Scroll down where you can see Accounting information. Select your printer ID from the Job Accounting list.
  • Save the changes and send a test page. It should work now.